Website Upgrade – “Facelift”

Does your website need an facelift?

  • Is your website out-of-date?
  • Have you been waiting years to get those changes done to your website that you've wanted for so long?
  • Has your website designer disappeared and you don't know where to turn?

Whether you have an old HTML website or an old WordPress website, we can help you. If you’re not yet ready to invest in a completely new website, then we can likely make some upgrades to your existing site that will give it a more modern and appealing look, improve it’s functionality and enhance it’s effectiveness on the search engines.

Your Website on Cell Phones & Tablets

In May 2015, Google announced that more searches take place on mobile devices than on computers. 

Modern websites have a feature called "Responsive Design." That means that whether you're using a cell phone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop to view a website, each page will automagically adjust to fit on any size screen.

Old HTML and old WordPress websites are not responsive. They are horrible to look at on a phone or tablet. You can see only small parts of the page at a time. To see more, you have to scroll left and right as well as up and down. Basically, the pages don't fit on small screens and it is incredibly unfriendly to the site visitor.

If you have an HTML site, we can make you a parallel mobile site. It's not an auto-adjusting site. Instead it's a duplicate site made just for mobile devices. It works. You need it.

If you have an older WordPress site that is not responsive, then we might be able to add responsive functionality to your site.

What We Can Do For You:

  1. If you have an old HTML site, we can make you a parallel mobile site. It's not an auto-adjusting site. Instead it's a duplicate site made just for mobile devices. It works. You need it if you're not upgrading to a modern "responsive" website.
  2. If you have an older WordPress site that is not responsive, then we might be able to add responsive functionality to your site.
On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO means including certain page elements on your web pages that are known to be positive ranking factors for Google and other search engines.

Many website designers, unfortunately, don't understand much about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The majority of website designers started their careers as graphic artists. They have a great eye for colors and graphical design elements like shadowing, texture and the many small design elements that add a bit of flair and class to a website. Others started as computer programmers. They write great code in a a variety of coding languages. But neither of those means they're well versed in the nuances of marketing or search engine optimization.

So many websites might look great, but perform horribly on the search engines. We can change that!

Using a variety of on-page SEO essential elements, we can fix your pages by focusing on "long tail keywords", meta-tags, header tags, keyword density and proper use of a page's primary keyword phrase throughout the page. We also focus on readability for the user and the search engine by effectively using simple elements like bullet points, numbered lists, bold text and italic text. Every picture on a page also offers the opportunity to boost your search engine rank.

We have an entire page on our website about On-Page SEO. Please check it out!

Video Upgrade

Video Upgrade Options

  • Shorten Video
  • Add Background Music
  • Add Audio Description as a second sound track over the music background
  • Add Text Overlays to visually describe different parts of the video
  • Add new images or short video clips into an existing video
  • Embed Video on your website
  • Create Your Own YouTube Channel for your company to host your video(s)

The original video is 2:41 long, quite repetitive and it has no sound at all! Very boring! Very few people will watch this entire video!

On the upgraded versions of the very same videos, we extracted short clips of each of section of the original longer video. We combined those clips and shortened the entire video from 2:41 to only 33 seconds and we told the exact same story with the shorter version! We also added music to make it more appealing. We actually made 3 versions with different music background in each video. Please check out each new version to compare the music and see which one you like best!

Original Boring Video

Video Upgrade Version #1

Video Upgrade Version #2

Video Upgrade Version #3

More Video Info

Need a brand new video? See our full Video Production pages:     Company Profile Videos     and     Company Brochure Videos

Smart Contact Form

We can add a Smart Form to your website that...

  • offers reliable, secure and virtually spam-proof form submissions
  • automatically compiles all submissions in a database that you can access online and download at any time
  • automagically sends form submissions to, other CRMs or to various other online software business services
  • automatically sends form submissions to your email, any combination of emails, or particular emails based on selections made by a user on the form
  • redirects the prospect to a custom thank you page 
  • asks follow-up questions that are triggered by other responses in the form
  • allows attachments to the form submission

Video Showing Conditional Logic Form Fields

Content Management System

If your site is an older HTML site and you simply want to be able to edit specific sections of your page content on your own, then we can add a Content Management System to your existing website. We can enable editing in just a few areas of your website or in as many areas as you want.

  • add editable areas to select pages on your website so you can change and update written content regularly
  • add editable areas so you can change pictures on your website

To enable editing on your website, we will add class="editable" code to every area of your website, section by section and/or page by page, where you want editing enabled. And we do it in a way where you can change only the text or images, but not the look or feel of the website.


Enhance Your Site's Background

To dramatically change the look and feel of your old website, we can...

  • center your website in the browser window and create a modern looking full-width background
  • add texture or gradient to the background

Original & Upgrade Examples

Original Site

Upgraded Version #1


Upgraded Version #2